L3 Academy STEM Programs in Totowa, NJ

Intro to Coding & LEGO® Robotics Hosted at Maker Depot

This coming fall 2017, L3 Academy will host two 8-week class sessions - LEGO® Robotics (Grades 1-4) and Introduction to Coding I (Grades 2-6). Classes are held on Monday after school beginning in mid-September. Registration will open shortly or contact us with questions at 973.783.8333 or Info@L3-Academy.com.  


LEGO® Robotics (Grades 1-4) Enroll Now

Your future engineer can now build a simple machine and program it to move, make sounds and even react to external stimulus using motors, sensors and icon-based programming software.  There is a different curriculum each semester. This winter, our young engineers will create a hungry alligator (who snores), a monkey who loves music (especially the drums) and much more.

Intro to Programming I, II & III (Suggested Grades 2-6) Enroll Now

In the first session, students will learn the framework for creating a program from if/then statements to how to control movement on an X/Y axis to customizing avatars and their environments. In the second session, students will take the knowledge and apply it to creating a program from scratch. In Intro II, students will continue to learn additional commands, complex variables, and eventually take the knowledge and create their own game or interactive story. Intro III is where our young coders will code their own game or interactive story from concept to completion. Programs used will be MIT Scratch, BYOB. This programming track is geared towards script programming in the next series.